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Awning Windows

Our awning windows complement any home. They are fast becoming the popular window of choice for designers and home owners, as they push out effortlessly from the bottom and when open allow for ventilation with a measure of rain protection. The awning window has a set-and-forget option, offering superior weathering and sound reduction. The window suits most wind load areas, and the sill design allows easy installation of flyscreens without unsightly trims. Awning window sashes are able to be double glazed.

Awning window options

Residential Awning Window

Residential Awning Windows deliver 450Pa water resistance (suitable for Darwin) and have a narrow 50mm frame.

MAGNUM™ Awning Window

Top line energy performance and sound reduction are hallmarks of the MAGNUM™ Awning Window. Heavy duty sashes can be fitted with double glazing for improved thermal performance and sound dampening.

Thermally Broken Awning Window

This thermally broken frame and sash offers excellent thermal performance and demonstrates the dual colour capability of the ThermalHEART™ range. The frame and sash set the theme for a flat faced, square edged aesthetic common to all Designer Series products.

Commercial Awning Window

The Commercial Awning Window incorporates the basic residential awning sashes into bold square commercial framing with dedicated head, sill and jamb adaptors. A popular choice in both residential and commercial building applications.

Architectural Awning Window

The Architectural Awning Window is a commercial grade awning window, offering bold sash and frame design capable of supporting thick, heavy glazing options.

Architectural Awning Window
with Truth™ Hardware

This high performance awning window has been designed to accept Truth™ Hardware. This allows us to offer very large awnings fitted with scissor type winders with jamb to stile latches that secure the sashes in the closed position.


Colour options

Select from a wide range of powdercoat or anodised finishes

Download a powdercoat finish card

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