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Australia’s leading range of high performance Aluminium Windows & Aluminium Doors based in Newcastle 

Superior solutions in windows and doors

At Superior Windows, we offer you the extensive Vantage and Elevate range of high performance aluminium windows and doors. Our entire product ranges are 100% Australian made, providing you with confidence in quality.

We believe windows and doors are a major feature of any home, which is why we always ensure the perfect window and door combination for your project. We specialise in the production of Residential and Commercial windows and doors, as well as Glass and Aluminium Facades and Curtain Walls.

We are committed to offering you the highest level of assistance to enable you the perfect solution to any problems your project is facing. High performance aluminium windows and aluminium doors around Newcastle are our speciality. Contact us for more information. 

Market leading brands

The Vantage range of aluminium joinery has become the favourite choice of Architects and Building Designers, due to their innovative performance and design features. The Vantage range delivers outstanding outcomes in residential and architectural residential construction.

The Elevate™ range offers competitive and high performance commercial aluminium joinery. One of the most appealing features of the range is that the Architectural suites will readily interact with the commercial frames, offering benefit to both residential and commercial applications.

ThermalHEART™ is the technology that lies at the core of a new thermally efficient range of commercial aluminium window and door systems developed available from Superior Windows. ThermalHEART™ window and door systems are thermally broken to deliver improved energy efficiency for commercial buildings.

A focus on design


Our ThermalHEART™ systems help to maintain optimum internal temperatures and reduce the need for artificial heating or cooling, ensuring your comfort all year round.


Our SoundOUT™ product has been specially designed to reduce noise infiltration through window openings, for residential / light commercial applications. Vantage SoundOUT™ sliding windows have been designed to go behind existing windows where noise is a problem.


All our products have been specifically designed for Australian conditions and meet Australian standards. Our ranges are custom designed solutions, therefore you always receive the perfect door and window combinations.


WERS is an energy rating scheme that has been implemented by the Australian Window Association with the support of the Australian Greenhouse Office. WERS rates the energy impact of residential windows and doors with a variety of glass options. The entire Vantage and Elevate™ ranges have been WERS rated.

Reduced Costs

Our aim is to provide top quality products at affordable prices. We strive to ensure our ranges are affordable and value for money is paramount to our business.


We are so sure about the durability of our products, we back our entire range of windows and doors with a 6 year guarantee.

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